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LED is short for light emitting didoe.It is known as fourth generation lighting or green lighting.Its features are: energy saving, environmental protection, long life span, small size and so on.The production and processing of LED are rigorous and meticulous for each process operation, workers here are well trained. Products are strict in each program. To ensure product quality class: constant temperature and humidity, aging test, hot and cold cycles, a series of functional testing equipments are applied.We provide first-class product quality to increase reliability, and earn customers’ praise.

Taoyuan LED
Automated Solid Crystal Workshop 1

Taoyuan LED
Automated Solid Crystal Workshop 2

Automated Production Plant 3

Taoyuan LED
FQA Automation Workshop

LED Workshop
Quality Testing 1

Taoyuan LED
Quality Testing 2

Hot and Cold Impact Test Machine

Aging Tester


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